The John D Wood & Co. Brand Family announces partnership with Glass Door Homeless Charity

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Glass Door Homeless Charity.

The John D Wood & Co. Brand Family is delighted to announce their partnership with Glass Door Homeless Charity. Glass Door Homeless Charity coordinates the UK's largest network of open-access services for people affected by homelessness.

​​​​​​​People become homeless for many reasons, and is often an accumulation of multiple, constant pressures – the loss of a job, domestic violence, mental illness, release from the care system with few resources, breakdown of a relationship and the death of a partner or parent - to name just a few.

In 2021-22, 8,329 people were recorded as having slept rough in London. This data, from the Greater London Authority's Chain database, tracks rough sleepers in London seen by outreach workers – over 5,000 of those people had never slept rough in London prior to this year – showcasing that demand for services to support homelessness are on the rise.

Alongside the types of homelessness captured by official statistics, there exist other forms of homelessness that are less well evidenced and understood, being termed “hidden” homelessness.

Polly Ogden Duffy, Managing Director at John D Wood & Co, says: “Here at John D Wood & Co., APW and CHK we have a family-based ethos, and understand the importance of trust, respect and kindness, no matter who you are or what your circumstances are.

Reflecting on recent times – especially highlighted during the lockdown years – human connection feels more precious now, and something we are keen to protect, particularly in an AI developing world.

Our partnership with Glass Door will bring us more opportunities to help people in vulnerable positions, whether it is by taking part in fundraising events, such as the Royal Parks half marathon, the Thames Path Challenge and wonderful Christmas carol concerts, donating much need items such as instant coffee, hot chocolate and underwear, or getting the chance to serve dinners and chat to Glass Door guests at winter shelters – we look forward to giving our time to those who need support.

With the cost-of-living crisis on an upward trajectory, more and more people are finding themselves on the brink of homelessness. We are acutely aware that one of our core business areas – the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – has one of the largest statistical gaps between the richest and poorest residents in all of London, so as the demand for the services Glass Door provides increases, our dedication to support this fantastic charity does too. We want to be a part of the formula that offers hope to those in need.”

Matt Hickey, Head of Fundraising & Major Donors at Glass Door, says: “Glass Door Homeless Charity is absolutely delighted to enter into this charity partnership with John D Wood & Co.

John D Wood & Co. has been a generous supporter of Glass Door for many years now. They’ve raised thousands of pounds each year with their amazing Christmas Carol concert on Chelsea Green. Their support has played a significant role in providing vital support to some of the most vulnerable people in London who are experiencing homeless.

We both believe that nobody should have to sleep on the streets of London and we look forward to working together to support Glass Door guests in finding a pathway out of homelessness.”

Glass Door can help organise a safe places to stay, as well as tailored advice and support for those in need, all with a view to helping people re-build their lives and hopefully find permanent accommodation and employment. If you or someone you know is affected by homelessness call 020 7351 4948 to find out how Glass Door can help.