8 ways to get your garden ready for Summer

8 ways to get your garden ready for Summer

Longer nights and warmer days are now upon us, and spending more time outdoors is on top of most people’s to do list. But how is your garden looking?

Getting the garden dressed to impress is a big part of letting your home. You want the first impressions to fill your tenant with joy. Here are our tips to get your garden ready for summer.
1.       Spruce up!

One of the simplest ways to get your garden ready for summer is to make sure it is in good condition. Before planning any landscaping, take time to ensure any smaller repairs are sorted. Mowing the lawn, weeding, checking fences for damage, cutting back bushes, and power-washing patios are all great ways of making sure your garden is a nicer place to be.

2.       Grow your own produce

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to maximise the time you can spend outside. You only need to dedicate a small corner of your garden to growing herbs, they are a great addition to the fresh aromas can help enhance your mood.

3. Add more light

Adding more light to your garden is a great way to maximise the time you spend outside. Consider hanging bulb fairy lights or installing solar panels to brighten up your outside space, whilst also living more sustainably. 

4. Inject some colour

Summer is a bright and light time of year, so make sure your garden reflects this. Paint plan pots, use scatter cushions on outdoor furniture and get some bright flowers planted. Gernaiums, pansies, tulips and daylilies are all low-maintenace plants that offer a high return in colour and vibrancy.

5. Welcome wildlife

A great summer project to take on could be to entice more wildlife into your garden. You could install birdhouses, feeders or tables to encourage the local birds to come and visit. Or how about digging gaps in the bottom of fences to allow hedgehogs to stop by on their travels?

6. Fresh lick of paint

While brightening up your garden with beautiful botanicals, consider giving your fences, sheds or even a summer house a fresh lick of paint. By doing this, you are helping things you don’t want to draw attention to stay in the background and it keeps everything looking consistent.

7. Consider outdoor furniture

Depending on the tenant type you aim to attract to your rental property, you may want to invest in garden furniture. A simple yet sturdy outdoor dining set might appeal to a family looking for a home with space to relax outside together. A wooden bench can also be a nice touch if there is room.

8. Check garden equipment

Because we do most of our gardening in summer, garden equipment gets the vast majority of its use during the summer months. Make sure yours is up to the task with some simple maintenance.