Short-term lets | What are they and how do they benefit landlords?

Short-term lets | What are they and how do they benefit landlords?

Letting out your property doesn’t need to be complicated, if it’s not the right moment to plan long-term, perhaps a flexible short-term solution is exactly what you need.

Short let properties are offered for six weeks to six months and are essentially a home away from home. The cost of renting a short let property is often equivalent to that of a hotel, but short let tenants benefit from a real sense of home and their very own slice of Surrey.
1.       How can you benefit from short letting?

The first is an increased return on your investment because short-term rentals tend to command a higher rent when compared to a long-term rental.

The second is the flexibility to make your property available for a very specific period of time, suiting your life and plans.

2.       Who is likely to rent a property on a short-term basis?

We tend to find that tenants of short-term properties fall into three main categories:

·       People who have been relocated to the UK with their companies, and are looking for a short-term rental when they initially arrive in the UK, while searching for their long-term home.

·       Locals who are renovating their properties and need to vacate during the works and are looking to stay in the neighbourhood in order to oversee works.

·       Expats visiting the UK and looking for a home away from home, these visits are often for medical procedures, business trips or visiting family.

3.       Why would someone consider renting a short let in the countryside?

In the countryside, UK residents are looking for a change of scenery this autumn/winter. Thanks to the flexibility of working from home, we have seen people looking to take advantage of the space and lifestyle available in the countryside as a solution to their winter blues.

4.       Does it look like the short lets market is bouncing back?

It certainly is.

Short lets are often used by expats and locals alike. With international travel increasing, we have seen a return of the expats. Coupled with an increase in locals carrying out renovation projects, and people making the most of short let options for stay-cations all result in a busy short lets market.

5.       Does APW Property provide a fully managed service?

We do indeed.

Our Short Let Service is Fully Managed as standard, meaning that we take care of those hassles when renting your property and both you and your tenant have a direct line to a dedicated property manager.

Our Short Lets Department can offer you bespoke rental options from six weeks to six months.